Marlabs Launches SandD – a Revolutionary Cloud-based Mobile App


Marlabs, Inc. announced the launch of SandD – a mobile-focused, flexible and versatile cloud-based app to drive efficiencies in the sales and distribution chain. 

SandD is built on Salesforce™ as a ready-to-use application for businesses of any size. Unlike other apps in the marketplace, SandD is a multi-dimensional tool, designed to automate the field force organization, and enhance visibility, control, and mobility across the sales organization of any industry. 

Siby Vadakekkara, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Marlabs, said, “SandD is a special product for us. It is the outcome of our technology and IP council initiatives to drive non-linear growth accelerators. SandD is poised to address a wide range of challenges agnostic of industries. With its ability to be customized, I am confident that SandD will revolutionize the way the sales cycle is currently managed.”  

SandD has three main parts that enable the sales team while using the app: Planning/Execution, Order-taking, and Fulfillment. Right from the head of the organization through the bottom level executive, SandD connects everyone in the sales and distribution chain. The app has been specially designed to plan activities, execute, take action on real-time data, and get a 360-degree view of the customers and their transactions.

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