Netcore organizes training programme on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Netcore organized a corporate training programme on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for marketers to understand how to implement new age technology in their marketing campaigns.

Marketers today have moved from a ‘batch & blast’ approach to a behavior – based approach in their marketing automation strategy. By deploying analytics tools, marketers are able to set smart triggers based on various criteria such as RFM (Recency, Frequency, & Monetary analysis) combined with demographic & category affinity. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, these professionals can derive greater value from their strategies with hyper-personalize campaigns aimed at creating 1:1 customer experiences. These technologies also enable a multi-fold increase in the Customer Life Cycle as AI allows one to harness data, and analyze it to generate insights in response to unpredictable situations, and that too in real time.

Commenting on the benefits of new age technologies, Netcore spokesperson said, “Technologies such as AI, ML and deep learning are addressing several challenges faced by marketers and provide a unified view of the customer while deploying multiple marketing tools. Enabling brands drive higher ROI, martech solutions today are also fostering enterprise collaboration, enhancing brand identity and improving customer experience across channels and mediums. The objective of the workshop was to elucidate the power of such technologies to enhance the capabilities of the marketers.”

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