New Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms



SER rises to join theVisionaries

The SER Group is now a “Visionary” in Gartner’s 2017 Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms (CSP). As Europe’s largest vendor for enterprise content management and a global leader, the SER Group has risen to the level of Visionary in the Gartner CSP Magic Quadrant with its strong vision, advanced software solutions and a rock-solid, unified technological platform on which all content services have uniform metadata management. The SER Group sees its positioning as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for CSP, formerly known as the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management, as a considerable improvement.

A Visionary in Content Services Platforms

SER’s Doxis4 Content Service Bus (CSB) meets Gartner’s requirements for a state-of-the-art content services platform for use cases in the areas of personal and team productivity, records management and compliance, content-centric business applications and more. Market developments show that enterprise content management, collaboration and enterprise file sync and share are converging due to customer demands for solutions that cover all areas of content services. Compared to the split ECM and EFSS platforms prevalent in the market, this kind of unified platform approach is a key differentiator for the SER Group. “Gartner’s definition of content services platforms aligns closely with our vision and mission,” says Gregor Joeris, CTO of the SER Group.

The Gartner report points out that the “SER Group’s unified CSP platform is built as an integrated, cross-functional Content Service Bus that can federate content sources, deployment models and processes.” SER CTO Gregor Joeris concurs, “Our flexible approach allows customers to start small but scale quickly by building further applications on the same platform. Doxis4 is horizontally and vertically scalable. What’s more, it’s modular, multitenant-capable and multilingual.”

SER’s mission is to connect people, products and processes with information. It strives to transform companies into business ecosystems which facilitate information sharing with customers and business partners alike, improving their collaborative processes in a user-friendly, secure and compliant way. The Doxis4 iRoom, for example, combines content management, collaboration and file sharing with the native ECM and BPM functions of the Doxis4 iECM suite.

Why SER and Doxis4 stand out

Developing innovative, future-driven and advanced technology has always been an ambitious goal but also a great strength of SER. And Gartner agrees: SER has “a strong track record in developing advanced technologies and simplified user interfaces for its CSP platform.”SER’s reference customers praise the usability and “the ease and speed of piloting and deploying the SER platform when using its native capabilities and services.”

Moreover, SER has a wide range of vertical and horizontal solution templates ready for use. All of them, e.g.for accounts payable, banking, manufacturing, insurance and more, are based on Doxis4’s Content Service Bus and provide customers even more convenient access to content and process services.

The integrated, cross-functional approach to enterprise content management, business process management and collaboration is based on uniform metadata management on one unified technological platform. “This holistic digitalization approach fulfills today’s requirements and forms the backbone of our success,” says Morad Rhlid, Managing Director of SER Solutions International.

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