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Tenda Introduced Powerful Router with Chic Design – Tenda AC9


Tenda India launched an all-new 1200Mbps Smart Dual-Band Gigabit WiFi Router with moniker AC9. Router will be primarily available with Hathway broadband as well as with other retailers across India. Router holds a minimalistic look, yet gets blended with its surroundings effortlessly. Tenda aims to provide its users with all full powerful specs at best rate and Tenda’s AC9 is the perfect example of same, it holds a sturdy body with powerful Wireless bandwidth, over that Tenda has also equipped AC9 with all Gigabit ports, making it perfect contender for online streaming as well as Lan gaming. AC9 is powered by powerful chipset and compatible ram that provides the best performance in both bands.

The elegant looking AC9 is a dual-band Gigabit wireless router dedicated to home users for smart home networking and serious gamers for seamless data transfer. It boasts a concurrent dual-band wireless data transfer and Its built-in signal amplifiers make sure you no longer have to tolerate inferior wireless performance over long distance, not to forget its Beamforming+ technology locks on to Wi-Fi receiving devices and ensures all devices which are connected to AC9 get justifiable bandwidth to operate at their best, irrelevant to device location placement within the routers range, and two external 3dbi antennas offer you lag-free gaming and uninterrupted video streaming experience. AC9 also provides the Smart Wi-Fi Schedule function, which automatically turns on/off Wi-Fi to reduce power consumption and bring smart internet connectivity to your family.

AC9 is a beast overall with strongest CPU, the power pack machine ensures un-exceptional compatibility & stability. Tenda router also makes sure you don’t want to twiddle with all the settings and configuration while setting up all new AC9, the super simple setup interface from Tenda gives you access to the Internet effortlessly in just 30 seconds.

Tenda AC9 Black

Controlling and Monitoring AC9 is piece of cake with Tenda App for smart management.

Upon this collaborated launch Tenda’s G.M. India & SAARC, Mr Frank Rao said “When we thought about launching AC9 in India, we wanted to make sure that user can fully utilize its potential and have seamless experience and the only Internet service provider that came across our mind was Hathway, with Hathway’s powerful speed and offerings they truly justify what AC9 is built for and we hope our customers can relish the raw power they will experience from Tenda&Hathway duo. But nevertheless we don’t want to constrain our customers to only one provider and they are open to use AC9 with any current Internet service they are using and it will work as a charm.”

AC9 Supports below functions:

VPN, IPTV, WPS, DDNS, UPnP, Bandwidth Control, Firewall, DMZ, Tenda Cloud, virtual server, Smart LED, Parental control.

Price & Availability

Tenda’s AC9 will range from 3600 INR – 4000 INR (Respective to market) and will be available across India and selected ISPs.

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