Excellon Software collaborates with Microsoft to launch Exact GSP solution



Excellon Software today announced its Exact GSP solution in collaboration with Microsoft that will help ensure compliance for enterprise businesses to the Goods and Services Tax (GST). The Exact GSP Solution is a government mandated GST Suvidha provider that ensures smooth and easy transition to the new GST tax. The Exact GSP solution is a cloud-based solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure and offers a one-stop GST automation and compliance platform with a comprehensive set of support services.

The Exact GSP solution creates an interface with the company’s existing OEM ERP and helps streamline processes such as registration, tax payment, returns filing and other information exchange with the core GST system. The major benefits for any company on EXACT are minimum time and effort for tax filing, easy uploading of invoice data, matching of its purchase data and most importantly getting a single stop shop for all GST related services. Running on Microsoft Azure, the Exact GSP solution will give customers the flexibility to access the GSP solution anytime, anywhere. The solution can be configured as per the customers’ business process and utility.

Mr. Vinod Tambi, Co-founder and COO, Excellon Software, said,“GST is an indirect tax for the whole nation, which will make India one unified common market. As a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) Excellon’s EXACT will provide innovative methods to tax payers in interacting with the GST Systems for an end-to-end compliance. The complexity of GST required a comprehensive yet simple solution and that is what Excellon has done. We’ve created the most robust, reliable and responsive GSP solution that is designed to give a hassle-free GST migration for businesses.  We are actively partnering with channel partners such as System Integrators, Software Services Companies, Trade & Tax consulting firms, and Return Preparers to service large enterprises. Multiple options are available for exchange of data with our tax application like manual feeding of data, file uploads, integration with ERP etc.

The Exact GSP solution has a user-friendly interface which helps ensure full GST compliance, making the user experience seamless. It also brings in automation to the critical phases of the GST process resulting in increased precision, improved productivity, reduced risks and lower cost of tax management.

Speaking about the partnership, Bertrand Launay, COO – Microsoft India, said,“We are proud to be the technology partner of choice for key GSPs like Excellon.The multi-level security and flexibility provided by Azure makes the Exact GSP Solution scalable and secure. The integration of Excellon Software with Microsoft Azure enables customers to become GST compliant in a timely and effortless manner. Our collaboration with Excellon Software will help empower our customers with technologies that can ease business processes and complement their growth trajectory.”

Excellon Software is the leading provider of innovative, yet flexible software products and solutions, collaborating with companies revolutionize their sales, distribution and services.They have two offerings, its Exact GSP solutionsimplifies complex tasks using technology through real time analytics, Cloud based software with multiple platform capabilities and compatible ERP system. Having collaborated with Microsoft Azure, it has transformed Excellon networks and improved profitability.Another one is EXACT PASS, which will ensure businesses connection with the GSTN system via secure GST Pass through API’s. EXACT PASS will provide users varied interface on desktops, laptops and mobiles and can connect with GST System.

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