HP Harnesses Enterprise Color Quality Printing to Power Small Businesses


Today at HP Amplify Parter Conference 2024, HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) announced the new HP Color LaserJet 3000 series, the latest addition to its world-class office print portfolio. Designed for customers that require high performance in a small footprint, the new Color LaserJet 3000 series is the latest device powered by energy efficient TerraJet toner technology, enabling sharper colors and fast print speeds for growing businesses. 

Printing remains critical for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). With 80% of SMBs preferring to work with a mix of digital and printed materials[1], impact and quality are vital.  More importantly, color inspires teams to create, enables conversation, and attracts new and existing customers.

“In the era of hybrid work, as businesses reimagine their workspaces, the demand for high-performance solutions in small and flexible offices is on the rise,” said Aurelio Maruggi, division president, Office Print Solutions at HP. “With our new Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series, featuring innovative TerraJet technology, we deliver exceptional color quality, professional speed, and energy efficiency in a compact design. By optimizing printer manageability, we enable SMBs to save money, time, and effort, while ensuring high-quality prints, safeguarding sensitive information, and effortlessly adapting to collaborative and growth-oriented environments.

The new HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series delivers the tools small businesses need including:

  • Increased reliability with Wi-Fi® 2 that automatically reconnects to stay online[2]
  • The fastest duplex and first page out in class[3]
  • Industry leading quality and pro level security 
  • Smallest footprint of any device in its class[4]

HP’s next generation toner technology, TerraJet, has a unique toner formula that enables richer and sharper colors. TerraJet technology will provide the new Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series customers with 11% more vivid colors[5] and 18% faster printing speeds[6]In addition to the improvements on the 3000 series, TerraJet also enables up to 27% reduced energy consumption[7] and up to 28% reduction of plastics in toner cartridges[8], helping customers achieve their sustainability goals.

The new HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series is part of a broader A3 and A4 portfolio that has been completely revamped for the hybrid office, offering consistent solutions for small businesses through enterprise customers.  HP was recently recognized for its industry leadership, earning the A4 Line of the Year recognition from Keypoint Intelligence. Presented once a year, this award recognizes the best overall hardware lineup based on rigorous lab testing and in-depth market research. Devices are rated on reliability, value, usability, image quality and speed.

“I know how important consistency of performance, user interface and solution enablement are to deploying a large range of products, from low-end desktop printers to floor standing multifunction products,” said Maruggi. “Our portfolio helps customers achieve their printing goals with our winning hardware line up enabled by leading solutions.”

In addition to the consistency of print capabilities throughout the portfolio, new and improved solutions have been announced by HP Workforce Solutions at the Amplify Partner Conference adding more innovations throughout the print ecosystem.


The new HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series estimated to be available beginning in May 2024. Information on country availability, pricing, and retail destinations vary by region.[9] To learn more about the HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series, visit our newsroom.


[1]  Based on HP Results from SMB End-User Segmentation Research, completed in September 2023, with a total sample of 4234 respondents distributed across US, Germany, China and India

[2] Internet access required and must be purchased separately. Wireless operations are compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz operations only. Supports both 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz using up to 12 non-overlapping channels vs. only 3 non-overlapping channels for 2.4 GHz only. Supports 5.0 GHz band (up to 150 mbps) v. 2.4 GHz band (up to 72.2 mbps). Learn more at: www.hp.com/go/mobileprinting  

[3] Based on HP’s internal analysis compared to a majority of in-class color MFPs less than $340 USD. Data points used in comparison were gathered from competitor OEM websites and in some cases obtained

[4] Based on HP’s internal analysis compared to a majority of in-class color MFPs less than $550 USD. Data points used in comparison were gathered from competitor OEM websites and in some cases obtained

[5] Premium mode offers more colors compared to predecessors in Standard Mode. See hp.com/TerraJet/colors.

[6] Measured using ISO/IEC 24734 and excludes first set of test documents. For more information, see hp.com/go/printerclaims. Exact speed varies depending on the system configuration, software application, driver, and document complexity.

[7] HP calculations based on normalized ENERGY STAR® TEC data of HP Color LaserJet series with TerraJet Cartridges compared to predecessors. See hp.com/TerraJet/energysaving.

[8] Plastic reduction of TerraJet cartridges calculated based on cartridge weight compared to predecessors. See hp.com/TerraJet/plasticreductions.


[9] Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.

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