Matrix ANANT Unified Communication Software


Traditional hardware-based PBXs are slowly getting replaced by open server-based telephony systems. This is largely because hardware-based PBXs create hardware dependency, require manual upgrading, and incur heavy wiring costs. Matrix has designed an enterprise-grade highly capable, durable, scalable, and efficient Unified Communication Software solution – ANANT.

The hardware-independent platform provides customers with a choice to select a reliable server as per their requirements. With a range of enterprise-grade calling features, it improves employees’ productivity and speeds up the decision-making process.

ANANT connects all the employees on a single platform. The employees can connect from anywhere at any time by installing Matrix VARTA on Laptops /Tablets /PCs /Smartphones devices of their choice. Our UC Server offers a range of enterprise-grade calling features that improve employees’ productivity and speeds up the decision-making process. With an in-call redundant system, ANANT boasts of providing the best customer engagement. By integrating ANANT with VoIP Gateways and IP Phones, customer requirements with multiple location communication set-ups can be met.


  • 5000 IP Users
  • 1024 Concurrent Calls
  • 512 Three-party Conference
  • 64 Simultaneous Call Recording


  • RAID1 and RAID5 Support
  • Hardware Independent
  • Active-standby Redundancy
  • Built-in Auto-attendant and Voicemail

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