RAPOO Introduces New Range of Webcams


In a bid to expand its business in India, RAPOO, a leader in computer and gaming peripherals is proud to announce its foray into Webcam market. To cater to the continuous demand of virtual work system from all sectors RAPOO has come up with Innovative state -of- art webcams in India. These days webcams are a boon where it serves various purposes like attending a virtual class, professional meet, a virtual client meeting, online doctor consultation, social media content, gaming and many more virtual activities. To meet these demands RAPOO has announced 5 new high-end webcams for your work desk.

The RAPOO new C-Series webcams are highly portable, completely Plug-N-Play (no drivers needed) and feature high-definition cameras and microphones to take care of your online needs.

RAPOO C200: These webcams are meant for those who want the best of clarity in the least budget possible. The C200 caters to HD 720P video captures for sharp and clear images along with a good 89° wide-angle lens on a flexible and rotating fixture. Simply attach it to your laptop’s lid or place it on your monitor, the wide-angle lens and its built-in omnidirectional microphones will ensure you can be heard crystal clear on the other end. The USB Plug-N-Play driverless RAPOO C200 is a featured packed webcam and proves a great product for instant and casual meetings.

RAPOO C260: This is an ideal product for more clarity during a professional meet or a virtual meeting. It features a Full HD 1080P camera with an 80° wide-angle lens so that we can get extra sharp details while making your presentations. The RAPOO C260 is a great alternative for your laptop’s camera especially when you need to present highly detailed information. This webcam is great for online teaching and alike.

RAPOO C270L: Taking things a step further is the RAPOO C270L with its FULL HD 1080P resolution, 360° rotational head and USB-C interface that is compatible with almost any modern laptop out there. Featuring a 105° super wide-angle lens and dual omnidirectional microphones, this one is a great choice when having group discussions with teammates across the line. Additionally, the C270L also features a soft LED Light so you can host meetings at night or even if your room is dimly lit.

RAPOO C280: The RAPOO C280 is meant for those professionals for whom quality matters and privacy is a must. The C280 sports a 1440P Quad HD camera with omnidirectional microphones for extra sharp images and audio. Additionally, the C280 also features a privacy cap that slides over the camera when not in use. Great for those who do live broadcasts or YouTubers who need to record personal or instructional videos. To add privacy without compromising on quality is the key asset of the RAPOO C280.

RAPOO C500: For those who need crisp and the highest resolution for their video transmits and recordings, the RAPOO C500 should be your pick. Featuring an ultra HD 2160P 4K camera with autofocus, 80° wide-angle lens and highly sensitive dual noise cancellation microphones, your virtual meetings will be undoubtedly crisp and clear. Whether you are broadcasting or recording a tutorial, teaching or doing an online game session, the RAPOO C500 is the ultimate pick. Mount it on your monitor; snap it to your laptop or hook it to your tripod, this RAPOO C500 with a USB-C port  will meet all your requirements.

Commenting on the launch and foraying into the Webcam segment, Mukesh Kumar Chaudhary, Country Head, India & SAARC said, “With work from home and remote meetings becoming the new norm for collaboration between teams and clients, the need for superior audio and video equipment is a top priority. To ensure your virtual meetings are crystal clear and you never miss any details, RAPOO’s new C-Series webcams will be an ideal choice.”

Pricing and Availability:

RAPOO’s lineup of C-Series webcam is designed to cater to the needs of every budget. The RAPOO C200, C260, C270L, C280 and C500 are priced at INR 3,499, INR 3,999, INR 4,699, INR 4,999 and INR 10,999 respectively. These products are available on Amazon.in and other leading online and offline stores with a 2-year warranty.

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