Kuldeep Malhotra, VP, Konica Minolta Business Solutions



Q. Please tell us about AccurioJet KM-1 which was recently launched at Drupa 2016?

It is a unique product which has B2 plus size. Normally you will find the size is B2. So here extra size is available and secondly it runs at the speed of 300 B2 simplex speed per hour plus we r using the UV Ink at this product.

Q. Konica Minolta took a sudden transformation from hardware to software and introduced cloud-based ERP Platform, how did this happen? What is EDUCO ERP all about?

Basically, you will have to expand the business portfolio. Till date we were focussing on small copy shops. People called them jobbers and small commercial printers. This market at some point of time will saturate. So we need to expand to other segments like the SME’s, Mid Size Corporate’s, Education Sector. If we need to get into this education Sector, I think this is the driver for us to get into the education field. If we go to the Schools , Colleges, Universities their prime requirement’s is to first take care of their students. So how we can get their attention towards Konica Minolta was by introducing the ERP. Once they start using our ERP they will start looking at other product line from Konica Minolta.

EduCo ERP is a ERP solution which is meant for Schools and Colleges. EDuco is our brand name. Like we have bizhup series for our hardware. We are targeting the educational Institutes through EDUCO ERP.

Our product quality and after sales support makes us ahead of others.

 Q. Please throw some light on JET VARNISH 3DS?

JETVARNISH 3DS is a product which is produced by MGI. We have made a major investment on MGI and we are the major stake holder. This is a product which does value addition on a given printed sheet. Business cards can have letters encrypted in gold or silver colours which gives it altogether an outstanding look and feel. One can do this value add on his/her business card. This can be done on JETVARNISH . This is only one application and there are number of application’s which one can create. It can be on the photo album one can use jet varnish to emboss the golden colour and show jewellery. JETVARNISH can be done on marriage cards also.

So its again a different kind of product which creates a value add on the normal printed sheet. It gives accuracy, productivity and only we can give it.

Q. What is 3D Printing Technology all about and how is Konica Minolta proceeding towards this direction? Kindly Elaborate?

It is JETVARNISH only. Within JETVARNISH we have a different product line. When we say 3D it is more of a B2 size. When we say 3DS up to A3 size. These are the different products name’s we have defined. So it’s not a 3d technology these are the products name we have defined as the paper size is different.

Q. What are the new products that Konica Minolta is going to roll out in near future?

We have launched a series of products in April this year . In fact, we launched 11 new products and replaced the whole series and I believe they are sufficient for this year.

Q. What makes Konica Minolta once step ahead of others?

Our product quality and after sales support makes us ahead of others.

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