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Rashi Peripherals Organizes Multi-City Partner Connect Meet For Upcountry Partners


Rashi Peripherals recently conducted five city Partner Connect event to reinvent its channel engagement in the upcountry markets. The objective of the event series organized in association with Lenovo was to make partners aware of Company’s brand portfolio and showcase latest technology innovations in Commercial SB notebooks, desktops and TFT Display.

Rashi Peripherals is the exclusive distributor for Lenovo Visuals in India.

As the tier 3 and tier 4 markets are driving the growth of the IT industry, the Rashi Peripherals intends to leverage its strong distribution ecosystem to offer latest products to customers and enhance brand visibility of its vendor partners. Partner Connect is unique initiative to reach out to untapped cities and connect with potentials partners.

Commenting on the essence of Partner Connect, Mr. Rajesh Gadgil, Group Business Manager, Rashi Peripherals said, “Partner Connect is a great platform to reach out to emerging markets and introduce ourselves and the respective brands. This year, we intentionally identified tier 3 and tier 4 cities because these are the high potential markets for us. We already have a strong presence in the upcountry regions and we are confident that these will give us a lot of growth, especially from the SMB and SME vertical. We will continue to tap new partners and new cities through our partner engagement programs.”

Partner Connect has been instrumental in establishing brands in tier 3 and tier 4 cities. Talking about the significance of partner engagement in growth, Mr. Gadgil said, “Generally, we see that brands majorly focus on metros but we at Rashi, believe that non-metro region will be the growth driver for the IT industry in the coming years. We have more than 50 branch offices and 50 service centers and the majority of them are concentrated in C and D class cities. Our presence will definitely help establish brands in non-metro locations and ultimately, generate more business inquiries and revenue for them.”

The five-city event organized in Madurai, Hubli, Kolhapur, Erode and Tirupur received an overwhelming response from partners. More than 150 partners from all the five cities attended the event.

Commenting on the event, Mr. R. Saravanan, Director Ant Solution from Madurai said, “Partner Connect has been always a great platform to learn about new technology and market trends. It was a well-organized event and we got a lot of valuable insights into the TFT business. The sessions were very informative and Rashi team addressed our queries very efficiently.”

Another partner, Vinesh Hiremath at Business Development Engineer at Pursuit Technologies Pvt Ltd from Hubli said, “We got to learn about the new products and how to position them in the market. The demand for TFT displays is rising across the sectors and this is the new business stream where partners can make dissent margins. I thank team Rashi for organizing such a wonderful event.”  

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