ViewSonic Receives Intel’s Titanium-Tier Partner Award


ViewSonic a leading global provider of visual solutions, today announced that it had received Intel’s prestigious Titanium-Tier Partner Award in the new Intel Partner Alliance Program. The award demonstrates ViewSonic’s significance in its strategic alliance with Intel and the excellence in its innovative interactive display and digital whiteboarding solutions for both education and enterprise segments.

“As this is a significant achievement for ViewSonic to be recognized as a leading member of the Intel Partner Alliance, we are pleased to have received this recognition. Over the past two years, our relationship with Intel has helped solve current needs, and our creative technologies have influenced both business and education’s digital landscape, from conference rooms to classrooms and beyond,” said Eric Wei, Sr. Sales Director, ViewSonic Asia Pacific. “In the future, we will have greater early access to Intel’s technologies, allowing us to create cutting-edge solutions to provide our clients with real-world benefits.”

ViewSonic was recognized as Intel’s Titanium-tier Partner, the top tier of the alliance’s membership, for its work with Intel to implement AI and deep learning solutions as part of the myViewBoard software ecosystem and in using computer vision to improve the experience for distance learning and remote work. ViewSonic’s innovative solutions in IoT are also in line with Intel’s vision to develop and boost new technology in an increasingly data-centric world. With the Titanium status, ViewSonic has exclusive access to Intel’s resources to deliver the most advanced products and solutions to customers.

ViewSonic has collaborated with Intel since 2018 to develop advanced interactive displays and digital whiteboarding for the modern workplace and classrooms. The collaborations with Intel include ViewSonic’s latest myViewBoard Sens with AI, integrating Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit which employs facial-expression recognition and mood indexing. This solution gauges an audience’s emotions to inform a presenter or teacher during their presentation or lesson immediately. Additionally, the collaborations also include the work in ViewBoard with certified Intel IoT Market Ready Solutions (Intel IMRS) and myViewBoard plugin for the Intel Unite®solution.

As an Intel-recognized top-tier partner, ViewSonic aims to provide a straight forward and secure transition into distance learning and work-from-home initiatives. ViewSonic continues to work with Intel and the ecosystem to pave the way for a more connected and data-driven world.

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