Atos launches BullSequana S1600 servers with up to 24 TB DRAM


Atos announced that BullSequana S1600 servers with up to 24 TB DRAM has officially become available in Russia and has already been put into operation at the first Russian customer site. The platform can be used for real-time data analysis as well as with data management systems such as SAP HANA, Oracle and PostgreSQL. BullSequana S are based on the new generation Intel® Xeon® Cascade Lake processors with new Optane™ DC Persistent Memory. With the release of these new processors, new UBox interconnect bus with support up to 16 and 32 processors became available.

BullSequana S is the platform for SAP, Oracle, PostgreSQL landscapes and Big Data deployments, for which high performance is crucial. With the total memory up to 24 TB DRAM the platform also accelerates data lakes deployment and is a complete solution for real time data processing, which makes it perfect choice for financial and medical systems, retail, manufacturing and transport.

BullSequana S1600 work effectively with real time data management systems, like SAP HANA. Migrating servers to the latest Intel® Xeon® Cascade Lake processors has made available new Optane™ DC Persistent Memory. In addition, the servers received SAP certification to operate with SAP HANA solutions. With the help of Optane™ DC Persistent Memory it is possible to cut costs up to 20% for large clusters virtualization projects and to increase performance by 30% for small and medium-sized SAP HANA landscapes with no cost increase. Thus, customers get the best possible price-quality ratio.

The cutting edge architecture allows to consolidate GPU, storage and processing resources in a single server to handle all intelligent enterprise workloads.

UBox interconnect bus with third generation Atos eXternal Node Controller (XNC) has become available for BullSequana S servers upgrade over 8 processors and up to 24 TB DRAM. Thus, the companies can increase the number of processors depending on their business needs (at 2 CPU increments). BullSequana S technology allows you to add capacity without operation interrupt. In addition, you can reuse existing modules (for example, storage systems) and combine them with new ones in order to reduce operation cost. Thus, a single solution provides ease of management, scales down costs and deployment time of small to very large configurations. Currently, one server can be scaled up to 16 processors. In the second half of the year, 32-processor configurations will become available.

“We are proud of the fact that the first server based on 16 Cascade Lake processors was launched by us in Russia. The ability to scale the server as needed and configure it with a large set of internal disks allows to adapt the platform to specific business tasks and simplify new application life cycle – says Roman Gots, Head of Big Data and Security, Atos Russia – With the ability to dynamically scale up to 32 processors and up to 48 TB RAM and 64 TB NV-RAM platform combines exceptional performance and flexibility for customers to protect infrastructure investments“.

BullSequana S is an open platform, which dynamically configures for smart digital business development. The platform is scaled as needed and support large number of internal drives, which helps to adapt it for specific business tasks and simplify application life cycle.

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