Tenda Smart Dual-Band access point i21

Tenda launched its Smart 1200Mbps Dual Band Access point – i21


Tenda launched its Business focused 1200Mbps dual band Access point in India – i21. This dual-band access point is created for crowded places such as offices, bars, large restaurants, library, waiting room, exhibition halls, gyms and cafes.i21 fits the needs of Hospitality, Education, Healthcare, BFSIs sectors to provide flexible, cost-effective wireless solutions. In offices, i21 can be installed on the ceiling to provide a high-speed network and uninterrupted coverage for staff. In places where a ceiling installation may not be feasible, such as retail hotspots or similar small facilities, the access points can be mounted simply and securely on walls for complete coverage.

Tenda i21 allows up to 50 users to watch online videos or 70 users to browse web pages at the same time. i21 Features the dual-band (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) capacity and comes equipped with the MIMO and OFDM technologies.Understanding the business requirement i21 also offers a customisation option to owners you can use the built-in power adjustment mode to adjust the transmit power as needed. i21 is compliant with 802.3af, allowing you to apply long-distance power supply via PoE without changing your original power network, this provides more convenience in the user’s hand. You can use any Tenda AP controller to manage and deploy i21.

The ceiling lamp like looks with aesthetically crafted texture gives i21 a sophisticated and elegant character, which makes it easier to blend in most of the interior decorations. i21 is not only beauty but a product with a brain,  i21 can smartly do a reasonable allocation of wireless resources to ensure a better quality of network to connected devices. Also, to ensure better security in such crowded public places, i21 offers multi-SSID and VLAN binding functionality.  According to the connection to different SSID, it can distinguish the internet access and data access rights which protect network data security. The captive portal provides one convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests and also allows the business to promote itself or some offer.

“i21 is easy to install, significantly designed in size and offer a much lower total cost of ownership. Ceiling mount access points offer major benefits in large business networks and i21 was crafted after understanding and researching a business person needs. The dual-band connectivity, with multi-SSID support and PoE integration makes i21 perfect for service providers, venue owner or SMBs who are looking to deploy strong indoor Wi-Fi network environments.” said Mr Frank Rao, Director, Tenda India.

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