Matrix Cosec ATOM RD100K Reader: Simplifying Access Control for Organizations


Access control readers play a crucial role in access control systems by reading user credentials and verifying whether they have the authorization to access a specific area. These readers can either be standalone devices mounted on walls or integrated into entrance turnstiles. As access control systems become more prevalent, it is essential for organizations to select the appropriate access control reader that meets their security requirements.

The COSEC ATOM RD100K is an innovative access control reader that is part of the COSEC ATOM series manufactured by Matrix. This device boasts superior technology that caters to all access control needs that are in demand across the market. It is designed to provide a balance between utility and aesthetics, ensuring that it enhances the visual appeal of any corporate environment while providing enhanced security features.

One of the most significant features of the COSEC ATOM RD100K is its ease of installation. With its minimalistic installation process, this device can easily be deployed without having an entanglement of wires. Additionally, its multi-credential and multi-interface capabilities make it an optimized reader that meets all workspace security requirements.

It also boasts a sleek design that redefines workspace aesthetics. With its elegant and modern look, it is designed to complement any office environment. This feature makes it a perfect choice for businesses that seek to enhance the visual appeal of their workspace while maintaining high-security standards.

The device offers several credentials, including mobile-based Bluetooth, PIN, and RFID cards, which enable a user-friendly experience for employees. The mobile-based Bluetooth feature allows employees to use their smartphones as access control credentials, which is a convenient and secure way to access the workspace. This feature also eliminates the need for employees to carry additional cards, ensuring that they have a hassle-free and streamlined experience when entering and exiting the workspace.

Another feature that sets the COSEC ATOM RD100K apart from other access control devices is its third-party integration capability. With its Weigand interface, this device can integrate seamlessly with third-party systems, making it a flexible solution for businesses that seek to expand and update their existing infrastructure. This feature also enables businesses to customize their access control systems, ensuring that they meet their specific security requirements.

It is designed to provide enhanced security features beyond standard access control measures. The device offers various features that provide high-security standards, including anti-passback, first-in user, and man-trap.

Some of the Key Features:

  • Multi-Credential Support – PIN, RFID Card & Mobile authentication
  • Multiple Interfaces – Wiegand, RS-232, Exit Switch Interface, Door Lock Relay
  • Certified protection against Ingress and Vandal
  • Third-party Integration

In conclusion, the COSEC ATOM RD100K is an innovative access control reader that offers a comprehensive range of features to meet all workspace security requirements. Its ease of installation, elegant design, and third-party integration capabilities make it a flexible solution for businesses seeking to optimize their access control systems. Its multi-credential and multi-interface capabilities provide a user-friendly experience for employees, while its enhanced security features beyond standard access control measures ensure that businesses can maintain high-security standards in the workspace. The device is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to enhance their overall security.


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