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Matrix States Benefits of Unified Communications for Small and Medium Sized Businesses


Being one of the established manufacturers of Telecom and Security solutions, Matrix offers a wide and varied portfolio of products for Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing and Education sector. The company shares a sizeable share of business communications market with Unified Communication Servers, Gateways, User Terminals and IP-PBXs. Designed for reliability, ruggedness and superior performance, the systems find their applications in multiple scenarios.

Small and medium sized businesses often experience challenges when it comes to building a collaborative environment for their employees. Therefore, the businesses are hopping on the Unified Communications bandwagon while expecting benefits of:

  • Anywhere and Anytime Productivity:

Time is not too far whenprofessionals will work from different placesother than their cubicles. The situation will leave enterprises with no choice but to look for devices that are equipped with different workplace and communication tools. Unified Communications offers on-site and off-site mobility by enablingemployeescarry their desk extensions on their smartphones and laptops/PC and access features such as Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging, SMS Capabilities, Video Calling, and more. In a nutshell, employees will have one device and one number for accessing all types of official communication which eliminates the need of managing multiple devices and boosts productivity.

  • Improve Customer Relationship:

Equipped with features such as One Number Reach, CTI Integration, Call Queuing and Voicemail, Unified Communication will help enterprises offer enhanced experience to their customers. With such functionalities, the calls will be directly routed to the desired person regardless of his location,leading to quick responses and improved consumer satisfaction.

  • Reduced Operational Costs:

Unified Communication solution offers easy scalability barring enterprises from investing in a new solution for registering recent recruitments. Easy deployment, monitoring and maintenance of system help enterprises save on the IT and administrative staff as well.

“Unified Communication might be struggling in the small and medium businesses segment currently, but the technology has all that will solve the present and future challenges of SMBs. Matrix Unified Communication portfolio is loaded with features offering SMBsan opportunity of leveraging a bunch of benefits and transform their ways of communication”, commented Ganesh Jivani, Managing Director.

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