ASUS ROG Swift 360 Hz with NVIDIA G-SYNC and Reflex Technologies Selected as the Official Display of DOTA 2 The International 10 Tournament


ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced that the ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR has been chosen as the official gaming monitor of the DOTA 2 The International 10 tournament. The world’s best teams will gather in Bucharest, Romania,over the next 10 days to compete for a first-place prize purse of over $15 million. The crowd-funded prize pool stands at a record US$40 million and counting.The top seven winning players will each net over US$1 million, and the team that places last will go home with over US$100,000.

Top-echelon players require the very best equipment, and they’ll be playing on the latest ROG Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR displays with NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and NVIDIA Reflex technologies delivering minimal latency, unparalleled motion clarity and blistering speeds for the definitive DOTA 2 experience.

The ultimate gaming monitor

The ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR is the best gaming monitor in its class – offering smoothness, motion clarity and responsiveness that’s second to none. And it’s this performance that earned it the prestige of being the official display for DOTA 2 The International 10. The Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR offers a 50% faster refresh rate over previous-generation 240 Hz displays,with its 360 Hz refresh rate giving gamers buttery-smooth visuals that allow them to pinpoint enemy positions and track movements with ease. Running games at such speeds can lead to frame rate fluctuations, but crucial features such as G-SYNC help keep things smooth even in the most heated battles.

Crisp edges, no motion blur and minimal ghosting allow gamers to clearly analyze the in-game action that’s unfolding ahead of them.Pixel response is the time it takes for a pixel to transition from one color to the next,and the fast panel response provided by the Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR is critical to clean and clear moving visuals. Embedded NVIDIA G-SYNC Variable Overdrive technology tunes the panel’s response time for the best motion clarity at any frame rate.

System latency determines the length of time it takes for a mouse click to occur in game and be displayed on-screen. The lower the system latency, the more response in-game movements will be. ROG 360Hz NVIDIA G-SYNC-enabled displays like the Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR deliver extremely low latency and feature NVIDIA Reflex ―the world’s only latency-measurement technology. Gamers can tune in-game settings with NVIDIA Reflex’s analyzer and be confident they have the lowest system latency.

The Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR includes the ROG Desk Mount Kit to help gamers free up desk space. The kit has a C-clamp bracket that fits desks or tabletops up to 8 cm thick, and it includes padding to protect the desk surface. Once tightened and locked into place, the final set‑up is a breeze, with the mounting arm of the monitor slipping right into the bracket.

Win a Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR

ROG is also giving away a Swift 360 Hz PG259QNR during the tournament. ROG and DOTA 2 fans simply need to visit ROG global Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and comment on which team they think will win DOTA 2 The International 10. Entries are open from October 6-12, 2021 and one winner will be selected at random at the end of the event.


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