2020: A Digital Odyssey: A new campaign by HP India


2020 turned out to be a year of digital presence and evolution in our lives. Technology is now an integral part of our life, not just for millennials and GenZ but for the boomers as well.

As stressful as the year has been, HP has attempted to communicate the quirkier side to everyday struggles, whether it is surviving choppy connectivity to hiding yourself during video calls to sneak in little adventures.

The latest HP campaign touches upon 5 key aspects of computing and communication in 2020 through a series of 5 films.

The fall side to slow internet

When the internet is on your side, instructions can be seamless and orderly. But disaster awaits when you realize that this precious lease of life has been wasted on frivolous interest by your good-for-nothing friends.

Battery drain on a constantly connected system

Sometimes, you find yourself at the edge of the seat, only to realize that your battery has run out. Here’s a case of three friends watching a horror movie, with an underlying humor that is bound to make you laugh.

The art of staying private

Many of us are guilty of taping our webcams to avoid a faux pas. This video brings it all to life and we can’t help but resonate with these tiny adventures of everyday joy.

Gaming as a sought-after talent

Constant banter in most Indian homes is where our parents think the youth is just whiling away life by gaming. A gamer son responds to his mom’s call of duty with surprising results.

When youth claim they are studying

It’s no surprise when the youth get away on the excuse that they’re focussing hard on study. A video call between a guy claiming to study and his parents spills the beans, and the rest is history.

HP has effectively highlighted key product USPs to communicate how well-designed products can simplify your life and bail you out when you need it the most. The campaign hopes to amplify HP’s range of laptops such as the HP Spectre x360, HP Pavilion x360, HP Envy 15, HP Omen 15 and the HP Personal Internet PC- HP 14s.


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