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Artificial Intelligence-based StormyTV Launched Today


Artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning technologies which enable computers to copy human intelligence and store in a huge volume of data to quickly identify the pattern and insights are bound to emerge as the new big industry.

In fact, the Artificial intelligence-enabled Computer vision teaches computers to see the world like humans are already in use in the media landscape worldwide. And many companies are now eyeing huge Indian market to expand the AI business model.

Jumping into this virgin the territory is Cratuz Inc, a New York-based start-up foundry and boutique investment banking & advisory firm specializing in private placements, M&A, restructuring, and advisory for tech start-ups.

The first initiative of the company, StormyTV is an AI-based innovative platform, led by Kuldeep Bhayana, the founder of Cratuz Inc. Mr. Kuldeep has a keen eye on the emerging technology trends and has grown 15+ startups with multiple successful exits in his career spanning over two decades.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence by computer systems. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging tool that enables us to more effectively integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision-making. Extraordinary advances in AI happen every day. For instance, robots and driverless cars are becoming increasingly common” said Kuldeep Bhayana, Founder & Director, Cratuz Inc.

He also said “It is quite obvious that interacting with AI will soon become an everyday activity. AI can be used to tackle profoundly difficult problems and find solutions that are important to human wellbeing. AI has the potential to transform many sectors such as health care, education, media, and entertainment.”

He further talked about AI backed state of art StormyTV, which is an intelligent video platform that can manage and administer all components of content management, video distribution and OTT streaming service. By simplifying workflow logistics and driving customer loyalty with intelligent automation, StormyTV is set to increase the content value and performance.

“The content of the StormyTV will be curated from across India especially from remote North Eastern region- as the tribal talent has remained unsung for decades due to lack of a viable platform. StromyTV will bridge that gap,” said Raj K  Pathak, a well-known mediapreneur, Heading, StormyTV initiative for Cratuz.

He further said “Moreover, StormyTV promises handsome awards including work contracts on offer. The other shows in the pipeline are StormyTV Gamer Hunt, StormyTV Fitness Champion and StormyTV Sports Hunt.” 

Apart from India, the target audience of the StormyTV content will also be in Central and South Asia which has a much closer affinity to the people of NE region.

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