PremiumAV Launches High Quality HDMI Cable for Transmitting High-Definition Video Signals


PremiumAV, a leading provider of new age PC & Mobile accessories, today announced the launch of PremiumAV HDMI Cable. It is designed to transmit uncompressed audio and video signals from one device to another. With the help of this HDMI cable one can connect a laptop to a projector or the video games console to a PC, or connect a laptop to a TV. This cutting edge technology by PremiumAV provides a reliable cable connection to the users for experiencing un-interrupted quality audio and picture.

We are very much excited to launch the PremiumAV HDMI cable on Amazon. It has been designed to enhance the experience of the customers by transmitting better audio and video data without compromising the quality of the audio and videos. This product is immediately available for the purchase on Amazon.” said Mr. Sanjay Garg, CEO at PremiumAV.

PremiumAV HDMI cable is inbuilt with an audio return channel for smooth sound experience. The picture clarity is upto 120Hz refresh rate. The cable’s bandwidth is 10.2 Gbps and comes with an inbuilt Ethernet. The HDMI cable from PremiumAV is available in measurements of 1.5 MTR, 3 MTR, 5 MTR, 10 MTR, 15 MTR, and 20 MTR.

Price, Availability, and Warranty

PremiumAV HDMI cable carries one month warranty as per Amazon policy and are readily available for purchase

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