Sharp DW-J20F Air Purifier cum Dehumidifier

SHARP launches New Air Purifier cum De-Humidifier


SHARP launches Air Purifier with De-Humidifier“DW-J20FM-W” and “DW-E16FA-W”, designed specifically for India’s humid climate. The newly launched De-Humidifier will help in reducing and maintaining the level of humidity in the air while eliminating musty odour. These products will also help in preventing the growth of mild dew by extracting water from the air to facilitate a healthy and comfortable environment.

Being a pioneer in Air Purification Systems, SHARP has been instrumental in designing the products according to customer needs and demands. Keeping the tradition, SHARP’s newly launched series of De-Humidifiers is first of its kind in the market providing new and innovative technology and contributing their bit to minimize air pollution in India by offering a wide range of Air Purification solutions and systems at a competitive price.

The unique feature that makes SHARP’s new range of air purifier stand out from other conventional air purifiers is, the Innovative and Patented Plasmacluster Ion Generator Technology and the unique laundry drying feature that can help deodorize room-dried laundry with high concentration Plasmacluster ions, making it the only Air Purifier available in the market to have this type of innovative technology.

SHARP DW-J20FM-W and DW-E16FA-W Air Purifier cum De-Humidifiers boast of smart holistic cleaning of the indoor air using dual technology, the only de-humidifier with Plasmacluster Ion Generator, True HEPA, and Active Charcoal Filter & Pre Filter for superior performance all year round.

Both the models boast of a Mesh Type Pre-Filter and Inverter operation capability. The only difference SHARP DW-J20FM-W has over DW-E16FA-W is in terms of coverage area, weight, filter life, dehumidifying capacity, power consumption, and Operation time.

The newly launched models boast of premium features like Child Lock, Dust & Light Sensor and Tank Full Indicator as well. These De-Humidifiers have the superior build quality, aesthetic look and are designed to complement any living space; designed to fit into rooms near the coastal areas, resorts, and hotels, low-ventilated rooms, basement offices, studios, and museums, etc.

Product Specifications:  

 Models DW-J20FM-W DW-E16FA-W
Coverage Area (Sq.ft) 550 300
Dehumidifying Capacity 20 L/Day 16 L/Day
Filter Life Upto 5 years Upto 2.5 years
Real-Time Monitor PM 2.5, Temperature & Humidity Humidity
Net Weight (Kg) 16.7 12.2
Unit Dimensions (D x W x H) (mm) 359 x 665 x 301 360 x 565 x 260
Operating Timer (Hour) 1 H to 12 H 2H/4H & 6H
Noise Level (dB) 51 (Max); 29 (Min) 53 (Max); 27 (Min)


Pricing and Availability:

SHARP DW-J20FM-W has MRP of INR 40,000/-, while MRP of DW-E16FA-W is INR 35,000/-only.

Both products are available through offline sales and distribution networks across India with a 1-year ONSITE warranty.

As a part of SHARP’s global commitment, SHARP will also be ensuring the availability of spares and consumables for a period of 5 years after the model is discontinued in India.

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