iFi Audio launches the ZEN Air CAN and ZEN Air DAC


iFi audio is an award-winning audio tech company with one aim in mind – to improve your music enjoyment. iFi Audio pours heart and soul into creating audio devices that make a difference in how you live your life. To uphold high-quality, iFi Audio sources parts for its products from across the globe, including Germany, USA and Japan. They create products that improve sound quality and eradicate noise, distortion and hiss from the source, allowing you to hear studio-quality audio as your favourite artists intended. iFi Audio is in partnership with Indian distributor Ferrari Video and its retail brand Headphone Zone (www.headphonezone.in).

Zen Air DAC

iFi Audio presents the ZEN Air DAC based on the award-winning ZEN Series. The ZEN Air range makes high-performance audio more accessible than ever before. The iFi Audio ZEN Air DAC is a versatile device that can act as a pure Hi-Res DAC with an amp and speakers and also fulfils the role of a headphone amp. Apart from optimising the sound, its XMOS chip improves the processing power, clock speed and memory. The other purpose that the chip fulfils is to feed an external amp, be it a headphone amp, or an amp and active speakers. This new and improved ZEN Air DAC elevates the sound quality of digital sources to a higher plane. “If you need a DAC and an Amp for your desktop setup, you cannot get a more compelling product than the iFI ZEN Air DAC. They are incredibly affordable for their performance, and I think anyone who is using headphones must experience the difference this can make to their music.” says Mr. Raghav Somani, CEO of Headphone Zone. The ZEN Air DAC can be bought in India at Headphone Zone (https://www.headphonezone.in/products/ifi-audio-zen-air-dac) at an MRP of Rs.7,999/-

Zen Air CAN

The successor to the award-winning ZEN CAN, iFi audio introduces a fascinating amplifier – the all-new ZEN Air CAN. The all-new ZEN Air CAN presents a unique sonic character and comes embedded with an array of features. This high-resolution, headphone amplifier provides a great listening experience with any source, be it PCs, Macs or even a streamer. It offers settings to dial in the perfect sound for a variety of headphones.

The ZEN Air CAN can drive the most demanding headphone due to its balanced circuit design and versatile sonic tailoring options to optimise audio performance. “The ability to drive power-hungry headphones and versatile sonic tailoring options set the ZEN Air CAN apart. Overall the ZEN Air CAN offers features usually reserved for high-end headphone amps.” says Mr. Raghav Somani, CEO of Headphone Zone. The ZEN Air CAN is available for purchase in India at Headphone Zone (https://www.headphonezone.in/products/ifi-audio-zen-air-can) at an MRP of Rs.7,999/-

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