Mr.Prashanth GJ, CEO, TechnoBind


prashanth-gjQ. What kind of services does TechnoBind provides?

TechnoBind is one of the only specialist technology distributors in the country and is poised to redefine the distribution market with the services led by technology distribution model. We help partners to help the customers with services around cloud and data. Our areas of focus include storage consolidation, disaster recovery, data protection solutions, storage for virtualization and archiving.

Apart from this we offer consulting services for organizations to help them focus on reducing cost, mitigate risk and improve productivity along with maximizing returns on investments. We help organizations with our unique approach to reach out to the target customers.

Q. How many Channel Partners do you have in India and do you want to empower them?

We have partnered with more than 1000 partners, and presently we have more than 400 enterprise partners with us. We organize different programs for our partners on a regular basis. This includes various events, digital marketing initiatives and even informal networking sessions with our partners to keep them up to date.

We have also started a community forum TechnoConnect, which acts as a platform for exchanging ideas, putting up queries and getting them answered. We are seeing good traction on this, with many of the partners already participating in this forum and sharing knowledge and thoughts.

Q. What makes TechnoBind different from others and your biggest achievement in the year 2016?

TechnoBind is the only technology distributor in the country that specializes in data and associated challenges. We focus on technologies which are new, emerging and disruptive in nature.

We have a unique distribution model with equal focus and effort on sales and pre-sales, which is an integral part of the company’s GTM strategy. We not only project a particular product or solution, but also help in building the brand. As a distributor, we offer support in technical know-how and also help the partner organizations in pre-sales efforts.

Our approach to the market is ‘use-case’ based, which helps us in offering solutions that are tailor-made for customer specific pain points. This approach has been very advantageous to us. This way we have been able to stand out in the noise and clutter and differentiate in this crowded market place.

We had a remarkable year in 2016. On the customer front, we had significant wins from verticals such as IT/ITeS, from where we bagged one of the largest orders for end-point back up. We also witnessed tremendous growth in areas such as software defined storage. We have strengthened our technical and sales force, while getting recognized with awards for our services.

Q. What role does Channel play in a cloud-enabled environment?

Cloud is one of the most disrupting technologies presently available and is being rapidly adopted by companies. The main challenge arises in understanding the proper requirement and implementing the right cloud solution according to the requirements of the organization. The role of the channel here is very important to help customers choose the right solution which assists them to overcome all these issues.

Q. How TechnoBind can help organisations in cloud adoption?

TechnoBind has the knowledge & skillset to understand the requirements of their customers and help them in optimizing the advantages a of cloud infrastructure. We have certified technical staff that understand the cloud environment well and also possess the knowledge to identify the best way to deploy new infrastructure or migrate existing on-premise infrastructure onto a cloud environment.

We provide solutions around data storage on the cloud, data backup & recovery services on cloud and disaster recovery services between an on-premise and cloud infrastructure. TechnoBind has partnered with industry leading products and services companies to provide services on the cloud and help companies in easy adoption.

Q. What is your future plans and expansion program?

We have very ambitious plans with a target to further double our revenues from the last FY. We believe we are well and truly on our way to achieve this goal. Our GTM will still be the same – with a core focus on our use-case based approach. We seriously believe that businesses are looking at IT more and more differently now, and the IT landscape is changing faster than ever. And this change provides TechnoBind with a huge opportunity to bring in the emerging, alternative and disruptive technologies to the market. For us, new alliances, initiatives and new offerings will help us propel the growth.

This year, cloud and associated services and software- defined-storage will be our core areas of focus. We are building a set of services around cloud along with our partners, which will help them accelerate their customers’ cloud adoption. Also, we are eyeing a huge market opportunity available in the area of software-defined-storage in the country.

India being the centre of our services, we are enhancing our strong presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

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