LG Launches two flagship smartphone LG Velvet and LG Wing


LG Electronics (LG) today unveiled the LG Velvet Dual Screen and LG Wing, two flagship smartphone models in India. Both, the LG Velvet and LG Wing are designed to help users find a whole new way to multitask while being creative in its design and outlook. Boasting a revolutionary form factor and unique design features that takes usability and mobile experience to the next level, LG Velvet will be available starting 30th Oct 2020 and LG Wing starting 9th Nov 2020.

The LG WING 5G is completely different from any other smartphone in the market. Users can switch seamlessly between Basic Mode and Swivel Mode any time to enjoy an expanded and truly differentiated user experience. In Swivel Mode, the entire front of the phone rotates clockwise 90 degrees, orienting the Main Screen in landscape mode to reveal a (3.9) 9.9cm Second Screen that unlocks new usability and new possibilities to explore – a single application can be expanded to both screens or two applications can be displayed simultaneously, one on each display. On the other hand, the LG Velvet is a perfect phone to maximise multi-tasking with an OLED Dual Screen that allows users to work, play & multi-task like never before. With the Dual Screen feature, users can view and simultaneously work on multiple apps while also chatting with friends, playing mobile games, watching sports, posting pictures, shopping and a lot more, all at one glance. With a free stop hinge, the phone allows users to fold it like a laptop, use it in stand mode or do a full 360° flip and place it in tent mode for a versatile viewing experience.

“Today’s smartphone users want and deserve more than cookie-cutter designs and tried-and-true features” said Mr. Advait Vaidya, Business Head, Mobile Communications- LG Electronics India. “Our newest launches, LG VELVET and LG Wing 5G are truly innovative devices that are different from anything else in the market today and offer features with unique propositions that are game changers in the way smartphones are developed today. With more consumers watching content on their smartphones than ever before, the phones will create all kinds of new possibilities for multitasking and enjoying content”, he added.

Even with two screens, LG WING is extremely light (260 grams only), making it easy to hold and convenient to carry and its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and stress-free grip, whether in Swivel or Basic Modes. The LG WING is also equipped with features to enhance durability of the device, facilitate smoother swiveling and prevent any damage. For instance, the hinge mechanism in LG WING has proven to be perfectly reliable even after 200,000 swivels (Tested by LG Electronics).

While, the LG Velvet has a 7.9 millimeter thin profile and offers 3D Arc Design language, characterized by flowing lines, curved corners, symmetrical front and rear edges. It comes with a new, nature-inspired design language such as the ‘Raindrop’ camera that evokes imagery of falling rain and offers a smooth and polished surface, shimmering colors and elegant touches, which makes LG Velvet visually striking and very comfortable to hold.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G and 845 with 17.27(6.8) P-OLED Cinematic FullVision display

While the LG Wing and Velvet are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G and 845 mobile platforms respectively, the LG Wing offers a modem-RF system, to meet customer’s expectation of 5G services. Further, with an easy-to-hold 17.27(6.8) P-OLED Cinematic FullVision display, both the phones are made to deliver exceptional performance, mobile viewing and gaming experience. To match the sumptuous visuals, Velvet delivers realistic and detailed audio through its stereo speakers enhanced by LG 3D Sound Engine while the LG Wing delivers a truly unique entertainment experience through Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite Gaming™ features.

LG Creator’s Kit

Both LG Wing and LG Velvet offer an advanced suite of imaging solutions through the LG Creator’s Kit that offers high-quality picture experience and lenses, taking advantage of the phone’s 64MP & 48MP OIS main cameras and unique camera software. Timelapse Control further lets users adjust exactly how fast they want their videos to look, while ASMR Recording employs two high-sensitivity microphones to capture the faintest of sounds in all their magnificent detail. Voice Bokeh minimizes background noise in videos to keep the focus on the subject while 3D AR Sticker and 3D Photo Effect provide a whole new experience, while taking portraits of friends and family.

Gimbal Feature in a Phone with Superb Video Recording

LG WING boasts three rear cameras – a 64MP Ultra High Resolution OIS Wide, 12MP Ultra-Wide Big Pixel and 13MP Wide. It enables Dual Recording in Swivel Mode by using the 32MP pop-up camera and one of the phone’s rear cameras simultaneously. What’s more! The Second Screen can be used as a dedicated editing palette while the video or photo is displayed on the Main Screen. The Gimbal Motion Camera turns the LG WING’s Second Screen into a convenient grip, providing the stability needed to capture clearer shots and smooth video footage in horizontal mode with one hand. LG WING offers functions typically found only on a real gimbal, just as a joystick for controlling the camera angle, a lock to reduce shakes and blurring, a follow mode for smoother videos when moving, pan follow for horizontal movement with minimal up and down shake, and first person view mode for capturing rhythmic and dynamic movements.

LG Velvet is priced at INR 36,990 (single screen), 2nd screen can be bought as an accessory priced at INR 13,000 and bundle price for LG Velvet dual screen phone is INR 49,990/-.  LG WING is available at INR 69,990 respectively.

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