Marthesh Nagendra Promoted to Director of Sales, NETGEAR India, MENA and SAARC


NETGEAR, a leading global provider of networking products and solutions, is pleased to announce the promotion of Marthesh Nagendra to the position of Sales Director for India, MENA, and SAARC Region. This promotion comes as recognition of Nagendra’s exceptional leadership and remarkable contributions to the company over the past years. With vast experience in the IT-Networking Industry, he has exceptional leadership skills and a proven track record that will drive NETGEAR’s growth trajectory in his new role.

Marthesh joined NETGEAR in 2006, embarking on a transformative journey with the company. Through his unwavering dedication and visionary approach, he played a pivotal role in propelling NETGEAR into one of the region’s leading brands, achieving unprecedented growth. His commitment to excellence and unparalleled expertise in the channel domain has consistently earned him recognition placing him among the top Channel Leaders by prestigious IT publications.

In his new role as the Sales Director, Marthesh Nagendra will lead a pivotal role in driving the company’s success through a comprehensive range of strategies. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise, he will be responsible for leading the team in conducting meticulous market research and analysis to identify emerging trends and opportunities in the MENA region. By defining target audiences and buyer personas, Nagendra has the ability to ensure precise product positioning and tailored marketing approaches. Among other key responsibilities in this new role, Nagendra will also endeavour in formulating competitive pricing strategies to maximise revenue without compromising customer value. The constant pursuit of improvement is ingrained in his approach as he encourages testing and iteration to optimise strategies continually. Understanding the significance of exceptional customer support and service, he would ensure customer satisfaction is prioritised. Besides this, Nagendra will be diligently monitoring and measuring the performance of the geography to achieve exceptional business outcomes.

Talking about his new role Marthesh Nagendra, Sales Director, NETGEAR India, MENA & SAARC said “I am deeply honoured and excited to take on the new role of Sales Director for NETGEAR in India, MENA, and SAARC. Throughout my journey with NETGEAR, I have witnessed the remarkable potential of our products and solutions, and I am committed to driving further growth and success in these dynamic regions. I look forward to working closely with our talented team and valued partners to continue delivering innovative networking solutions that empower businesses and individuals”.

As a dynamic and visionary leader, Marthesh Nagendra has consistently built and nurtured ‘High-Performance Teams’ that have consistently surpassed their business objectives year after year. His ability to mentor and empower his team members has been a driving force behind NETGEAR’s continued success. Furthermore, Nagendra’s global outlook and his regular interactions with senior executives from diverse cultures have allowed him to bring a unique perspective to the company’s operations and strategic initiatives.

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