GajShield Infotech adds GS15nu V2 & GS20nu V2, the two new SKU’s to their SOHO segment range


GajShield Infotech is a global cybersecurity company that is committed to combatting cyber threats while upholding the highest standards of professional integrity and transparency. The distinguished Data Security Firewall solution provider has recently introduced new SKU’s – GS15nu V2 & GS20nu V2 to its ‘NU series’. Added with an aim to provide an amplified performance, better data understanding, deeper data visibility and a broader threat surface manageability, the new product lines will offer users with an enhanced experience. Featuring a context-based data security approach which allows for greater control over data transaction and prevents data exploitation, the SKU’s are ICSA Labs certified and offer enterprises, state-of-the-art security services.

GajShield’s GS15nu V2 & GS20nu V2 SKU’s are context aware Data Security Firewalls that have been designed to sit right at the gateway, facilitating users to secure their enterprise beyond just the network.  Other advanced security features that lend these firewalls a significant advantage include Data Security Health, Data Leak Prevention, On Appliance reporting, Complete Visibility, Firewall, Application Filtering, BYOD Policy, Network behavior analysis, Policy based ISP, Load Balancing and Bandwidth Management. The data security firewall specifications ensuring a high-quality customer experience include, Ethernet Interfaces, Concurrent sessions, new sessions per second, firewall, VPN, NGFW, Antivirus, IPS and Firewall IMIX throughput, VPN Tunnels, Configurable WAN/LAN/DMZ ports, ICSA Labs Certified and High Availability (HA) to name a few.

These firewalls have been segregated to follow four security approaches namely, Application Identification Engine, Advanced Contextual data Classification, Visibility and Data Aware Policy and to identify Policy Violation and Protection. Primarily the Application Identification Engine categorizes the application in use, secondly, it breaks down the packet into multiple data points using Advanced Contextual Data Classification Engine, thirdly it checks and applies granular data security policies on the packet and lastly, it takes appropriate action on the packet to prevent data exploitation. Additionally, the two SKU’s support High Availability with Active-Active and Active-Passive HA and can also be easily managed making use of GajShield’s Centralised Firewall Management System.

Mr. Sonit Jain, CEO – GajShield Infotech, says, “GajShield’s GS15nu V2 & GS20nu V2 SKU’s will add more value to the existing innovative solutions that Gajshield Infotech has on offer. The two new SKU’s are a leap ahead of the last generation firewall with its Data First security approach. Powered by GajOS Bulwark and backed by Contextual Intelligence Engine for a deeper data level visibility, the Data Security Firewall is a powerful and robust platform with a gamut of security solutions to aid in securing data and the organization’s network. The Data security firewall is a self-learning, smart security solution that learns various data patterns and user behavior to detect anomalies and threats, both intentional and unintentional.”

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