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McAfee Security Innovation Alliance Announces New Partnerships


McAfee, the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company, announced the continued growth of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) with the addition of 19 new partners to the program, and seven newly certified integrated solutions. McAfee SIA helps accelerate the development of open and interoperable security products, simplify integration with complex customer environments, and provide a truly integrated, connected security ecosystem to maximize the value of existing customer security investments.

According to the McAfee report, Hacking the Skills Shortage, demand for cybersecurity professionals is outpacing the supply of qualified workers. However, almost nine out of 10 respondents said that cybersecurity technology could help compensate for a skills shortage. The shortage of qualified workers coupled with the vast number of cyber threats facing businesseshighlights the need for IT departments to utilize integrated solutions to achieve more with fewer resources.

“The threat landscape facing today’s businesses is growing increasingly more complex and widespread than ever before,” said D.J. Long, vice president of strategic business development, McAfee. “We are now in an era of cybersecurity where it’s imperative that companies take a collaborative approach to detect threats, reduce risk and ensure compliance. McAfee SIA provides customers with certified integrated solutions that allow them to resolve threats fasters and with fewer resources.”

New partners that have joined the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance are:

  • A10 Networks
  • Alcalvio
  • Bull (Atos)
  • Corelight
  • Cross Match Technologies
  • Cyber Observer
  • Cymmetria
  • Def-Logix
  • Digital Authentication Technology
  • Ericom Software
  • Illusive Networks
  • LiveData Utilities
  • LogicHub
  • Minerva Labs
  • Observe IT
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Pulse Secure
  • Syncurity
  • Virtu

Partners that have successfully achieved integration with McAfee products and solutions are:

  • BeyondTrust
  • DF Labs
  • Gurucul
  • Infoblox
  • Intel
  • SiemplifyS
  • wimlane

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