#ShareYourWorld With SanDisk This World Photography Day


A picture tells a thousand words and has the power of bringing alive several emotions all at once. This World Photography Day, SanDisk celebrates the spirit of photo enthusiasts who bring the unseen stories to life through their shots. Encouraging people to reminisce their beautiful memories, SanDisk, a Western Digital brand has launched a digital campaign- #ShareYourWorld, to celebrate the power of emotions through pictures. The campaign aims to encourage people to share their beautiful memories and travel back in time. It was rolled out on August 12 and will culminate with a grand ‘World Memory Reel’ which captures the essence of the beautiful entries received from all parts of the country.

SanDisk has also released a digital video that beautifully captures the essence of photographs telling a thousand stories, immortalizing the beauty and creating a gateway to time travel. Especially when the world has been undergoing a turbulent time, these throwback memories help one relish the good times together with their loved ones, while keeping the spirits alive and the hopes up. Through this digital campaign, SanDisk invites photo enthusiasts to share their pieces of memories with the world, using #ShareYourWorld and select entries stand a chance to win the 4TB SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable  SSD.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Jaganathan Chelliah, Director of Marketing, India, Western Digital commented on this campaign, “A thousand words can be conveyed with a single shot- and these photographs are clicked by all of us every day, creating timeless memories that are cherished forever. From a mother wanting to get her daughter snapped wearing her first dress, to a father documenting his son’s first-ever award. The beautiful thing about memories is that while the moment may be fleeting, you can reminisce it for years to come. At Western Digital we value these precious moments and feel that every individual is a photographer, sharing their thoughts and moments.”

Adding further, he said, “With the #ShareYourWorld campaign, we want people to share a bit of their world that they have preserved for years by immortalizing them via photography. This World Photography Day, we encourage each one to dig through their memories and share their refined moments with us because memories are limitless and so should be your storage.”

Each consumer who wishes to enter is required to share the 5 best photos from their archives that remind people of something from their personal lives and weaves a beautiful story. The photos need to be uploaded on a micro-site created by Western Digital.

In addition to the photo threads, the microsite will also have articles, photography tutorials, forums, and more. So come join SanDisk in celebrating a million stories, a million memories on this World Photography Day!

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