Western Digital Runs a Gamified Campaign to Forge Deeper Connect with Gamers and the Gaming Community


Western Digital® hosted the first-of-its-kind digital-led gamified campaign- Build Your Own Gaming Super PC. The campaign invited gamers and gaming enthusiasts to participate and build their own, powerful gaming PC with the right balance of key components. The recently concluded contest was extremely successful and witnessed over 45,000 participation entries from enthusiastic gamers, across India.

At the beginning of the contest, each participant was given 1500 points, equivalent to INR1.5L.  Eight components that are critical to building a powerful gaming PC were rendered in 3D along with their price and capabilities. Participants could learn about each component and choose the right option depending on their preferences. Storage is an important part of a gaming PC or rig, therefore, internal NVMe-powered SSDs from WD_BLACK that offers the best gaming storage solutions were among the critical components. Participants were provided options to choose between different internal SSDs from the WD_BLACK portfolio, such as WD_BLACK SN770 or WD_BLACK SN850 with or without a heatsink. The other components included GPU, Coolpad, Processor, and Motherboard amongst others.

The contest gamified the experience of building a gaming PC and made it extremely enjoyable. It also offered a chance for gamers and gaming enthusiasts to check what a good gaming PC looks like and what components are critical for the ideal gaming PC.

Mr. Jaganathan Chelliah, Senior Director, Marketing – India, Middle East & Africa, Western Digital, said, “We are committed to gamers and gaming enthusiasts, and continue to bring best-in-class gaming products and campaigns to deepen our engagement with this community.  I’m glad that our Build You Super Gaming PC campaign is the first in the industry and received a fantastic response from the community. I would like to congratulate all three winners and users across India for actively participating in this gamified and immersive contest.”

The gaming contest provided a great opportunity for participants to showcase their skills and expertise in building a gaming PC. This also offered an opportunity for them to advance their knowledge about products that enhance their gaming experience.

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