Leaders for India (LIO) launches ‘LIO App’


Leaders for India Organization (LIO), a members-only community founded by Mohnish Yerra in 2022, unites business leaders, entrepreneurs, and angel investors to harness their collective resources for mutual growth. LIO serves as a business accelerator and startup incubation platform, providing personalized one-on-one support based on unique professional needs and aspirations through effective networking and mentorship. The new ‘LIO App’ is launched to revolutionize community interactions and foster meaningful connections. With a visionary approach, the LIO App introduces an array of features designed to bring individuals closer within a shared space, enabling seamless networking and engagement.

In the past 18 months, Leaders for India Organization has evolved into a thriving community with 104 members comprising industry leaders, business veterans, recognized professionals, and influential figures with a combined net worth of ₹25,000+ crores. LIO has disbursed over ₹20 crores for 16 distinct business opportunities. Additionally, LIO has also excelled in wealth management, overseeing ₹19 Crores in financial products to ensure the financial health of members. LIO manages ₹9.05 crores in AUM in their wealth management arm and has facilitated ₹9.8 crores towards land projects. Mohnish also manages a personal investment vehicle, MYCap Investments, with an impressive portfolio of 18 companies.

The unique platform, Leaders for India Organization, has firmly positioned itself as a trusted partner for wealth creation, extending financial support to members. LIO has transcended traditional angel investment models to evolve into a comprehensive consultancy firm. LIO offers tailored support, functioning as a Business Accelerator, Financial Advisor, Startup Incubator, and Technology Consultant, ensuring entrepreneurs receive customized guidance for success.

LIO’s three major services—Cohort Convergence, Investment Opportunities, and Extended Team—cater to diverse needs. Cohort Convergence involves grouping members into cricket teams for training and international competitions, while Investment Opportunities span a broad spectrum, including startups, hedge funds, VCs, movie projects, and more. Extended Team, featuring LIO Day, positions LIO as an integral part of the members’ wealth creation journey, supporting them in fostering the right synergies and providing continuous support. The monthly events by LIO are —LIO Business Shower, LIO Recreational Events, and LIO Day—serve as our tools to increase essential touchpoints, fostering networking opportunities. For example in “LIO DAY”, LIO team engages in one-on-one sessions to grasp the unique investment appetite of each member, exploring ways to compound their social capital.

According to Mr. Mohnish Yerra, the Founder and CEO of Leaders for India (LIO),” Through LIO, we’ve built a platform that not only invests but nurtures dreams, turning them into impactful realities, one venture at a time. The LIO app will help in seamless engagement between the members of LIO. The new LIO App has a flagship feature ‘LIO Buzz,’ empowering members to connect with fellow LIO enthusiasts within a 5KM radius. This unique functionality enables spontaneous meetups, enhancing opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and personal connections.”

He further added, “LIO’s influence extends beyond borders, forging successful partnerships in pivotal cities like Chennai, Indore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad. In future we plan to expand operations into Bengaluru, Indore, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune within the country, while also considering international growth into London (UK), with the objective of nurturing business ties and broadening investment prospects. Through this we aim to build a vibrant community of over 1000 members in the next 3 years.”

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