Quixy announces Snap2App Feature for its Platform Users


Quixy, one of the leading cloud-based no-code business process automation and application development platform has introduced the Snap2App Feature that will allow users to convert any paper-based forms, digital forms, or snaps taken from a whiteboard or even from a simple napkin sketch into fully functional apps with just a few clicks.

Today, businesses spend millions of dollars every year trying to capture data manually with paper. As per a study, companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms in the U.S. alone, most of which outdate themselves within three months’ time.

With the Quixy Snap2App feature, users no longer have to spend their valuable time capturing data on paper forms and then entering it manually into IT systems. They can just take a snap of the form, upload it into Quixy and instantly convert it into a fully functional application in just a few seconds. They can even add workflow steps required to process the digital form or integrate with other apps, all without writing a single line of code.

The Snap2App feature is now available for all Quixy users without any additional cost. To learn more about the Snap2App feature and see a quick video, check out Quixy’s latest blog.

“Emerging technologies drastically reduce the friction for companies with adopting Citizen Development with No-Code solutions while improving CX. At Quixy, we are relentlessly building tools that have the potential to transform companies and help them realise value from Day 1”, said Sidhartha Pooboni, Product Manager – Emerging Tech, Quixy.

Quixy had previously announced the inclusion of offline functionality in its Mobile Apps. This functionality enables users to run applications without relying on internet connectivity, assuring uninterrupted service.

Quixy distinguishes itself from the competition by offering an ‘Advanced’ No-Code Platform, enabling business customers to create complex and comprehensive enterprise-grade apps without writing any code. Quixy, founded in 2019, now serves clients globally in over fifteen business verticals, each with its own set of needs and use cases.


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