Swaarm launches Advanced Privacy Suite to navigate Privacy changes in 2023 & beyond


Swaarm, a leading global performance-based marketing platform, announced the launch of its Advanced Privacy Suite (APS). The industry’s first complete solution helps marketers, advertisers, Ad Networks, and Ad Agencies navigate the constantly changing privacy landscape. While ensuring campaigns are measured and monitored accurately, with the APS solution users can evaluate their campaign performance metrics on every environment, be it iOS where IDFAs are a rare occurrence, Android where the user agent is being deprecated, or on the web where third-party cookies are being removed. Moreover, the solution ensures the user’s privacy is maintained. The data it tracks throughout iOS, Android and the Web is linked to campaigns or traffic sources rather than individual user profiles.

Swaarm’s APS solution empowers marketers and advertisers to focus on creating meaningful, successful advertising campaigns by removing the complexity associated with the privacy features introduced by Mobile and Desktop platforms recently.

The Advanced Privacy Suite simplifies the campaign setup by automatically selecting the best attribution and measurement method available for the devices where the advertisements are running. Additionally, it makes marketing campaigns more effective by ensuring that data required for anti-fraud solutions is available and that campaign performance can be precisely evaluated regardless of where it is being performed. By eliminating the need to allocate technical resources during the campaign preparation phase, it also saves money for ad networks.

On the launch, Yogeeta Chainani, Co-founder and CEO of Swaarm, said, “The mobile marketing industry has witnessed multiple privacy changes in the past few years, leaving marketers and advertisers in flux when it comes to measuring and analysing their campaigns. We are confident that through Advanced Privacy Suite marketers and advertisers will be able to successfully navigate the privacy changes in a third-party cookieless landscape and beyond. It will help marketers accurately measure the success of their campaigns and ensure that advertising budgets are spent efficiently.”

“Performance measurement in marketing has become crucial for advertisers, publishers, and users. In the face of privacy changes coming in 2023, marketers must remain on top of the impending changes. Being ready will not only solve problems before they start but lead to innovative new strategies and tools to build an improved digital advertising ecosystem. Swaarm’s Advance Privacy Suite is the first complete solution in the market that enables privacy without sacrificing performance measurement and advertising functionality,”  Alexandru Dumitru, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said.

The solution works in both App environments and on the Web, without further technical integration on the Publisher or Advertiser side. The Advanced Privacy Suite is now fully accessible to all Swaarm customers in India and other geographies.

Swaarm led the mobile advertising industry by introducing its iOS 14-compliant attribution chain methodology, Privacy Enabled Attribution (PEA Chain). The company launched “Explorer,” an analytics tool that gives marketers requisite insights to enhance the efficiency of their operations. In order to give agency partners access to all of their data from a single dashboard, Swaarm introduced a deeper integration of its solution with AppsFlyer.

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