Mr.Vineet Bagla, Managing Partner, Globe Solutions



Q. In your opinion, what is the state of the security industry in India and what is the trend you see in the space?

Presently security industry is at an infant state and there is a tremendous scope for its growth in India. There is a trend of Wi-Fi networking; people are interested in remote surveillance. Due to lack of integrity in manpower and volume of traffics, the trend of installing CCTV cameras in public places is gradually increasing.

Q. Which market are you targeting?

We are targeting commercial and residential complexes for their security coverage.

Q. What is the advantage of Matrix products vis-à-vis the competition?

Matrix is SUBSTANCE brand. Substance is in the DNA of Matrix solutions. Substance in the form of technology, depth, genuineness and going beyond the mere outer façade and offer more values in all the areas. This is what differentiates Matrix from the lot. Matrix solutions are packed with More. More productivity, more applications, more flexibility, more functions, more features, more cost saving, more reliability, and more support. Matrix positioning is based on offering more of these true inherent values which customers expect from infrastructure solutions.

Q. What is your marketing and channel strategy?

We generate enquiry through creating product awareness among targeted prospects,building strong references by keeping existing customers satisfied through service and updating them with latest technology. We focus on generating a strong channel team through proper training and motivation of delivering the requirements in time.

Q. What is your support strategy?

Matrix offers a strong after sales support; we also conduct training sessions at regular intervals and are equipped with technically trained manpower for prompt assistance and support.

Q. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

A scarcity of skilled manpower, products not adequately suitable for local power supply and power hazards.There is also less awareness of electronic security among masses.

Q. How much of growth are you expecting this year?

This year we are planning for approx 2.5 times growth.We expect to generate good business from the residential projects of Delhi N.C.R. We are also planning to open an office in Noida.

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